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Why it is important to have a website?

One of the major advantages of having a website is that it is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Even during non-business hours, customers can access your website and avail your services or get the information they need, which is one of the key elements in the importance of a website in business

Why do you need a website?

Having a website makes you look professional and increases trust. Most people don't trust a business without a good website. A clean, modern page that is regularly updated and pops up in search engines is an instant credibility boost.

What is telegram bot?

Telegram bots are small programs that can embed in Telegram chats or public channels and perform a specific function. They can offer customized keyboards, produce cat memes on demand, or even accept payments and act as a digital storefront

What about our history?

In 2020 we created blog - Smart marat bot, and we created network - Smart marat blog. Than we changed our name - smartmaratstudio. And we created our new site, but 3 mounth later we changed our name - inripestudio. We did many sites to different people and now we create our new site.

Do you need a site or telegram bot?